Sonya Barron

Academic Interventionist (previously Alumni Counselor)
Uplift North Hills Preparatory
15 years of experience working in education

April’s influence is very practical.  During our one-on-one coaching sessions, she was always a good thought partner and offered me valid applicable suggestions to any challenges I was facing.  We would even create documents, surveys, and write drafts of communication together.  Also, she helped me develop a plan to involve our teachers in a fun way. April always took time to encourage me as well and tell me specifically what I was doing well. April inspired me to do my very best work for the sake of my scholars and alumni.  Her standards for herself and us were extremely high.  She knew our work was life changing, and she inspired me to see that as well and do my best work for them.

Training and coaching sessions with April were always focused with an agenda, and we did not waste time.  When I started working with her, I had done almost everything in the counseling spectrum except alumni counseling.  It was new to me and the data analysis piece was very challenging.  She was so encouraging from the beginning by sharing her own growth opportunities in this area and how she learned to see the value of data.  Over time, not only did I learn how to look at the data to help me with my students but I became comfortable with it instead of scared or indifferent towards it.  I give her credit for that.  Learning to collect, evaluate and use data is necessary in education, and I would not have grown in that area if not for April’s support and positivity through the process.

April is very committed to her work in impacting scholars and adults who work with them.  She takes her work seriously and puts her heart into it.  When working with her, I had no choice but to do the same.  April is compassionate in how she engages with people.  She also is extremely clear on her expectations and goals. April is transparent, kind and professional.  I always knew April was being genuine and honest.  Her faith guides and permeates how she treats others.

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