LaChelle Cunningham

Dean of College Prep and Alumni Counselor
Uplift Hampton Preparatory
23 years of experience working in education

Every training that April has facilitated yielded positive results because she is always prepared and there’s an end goal to the training that is evident from the beginning to the end. She is very meticulous and thoughtful about how she coordinates a training as well as the facilitation of it. I always appreciated her preparedness! April has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable and capable of the work they engage in together. It’s evident that she loves what she does and that she is experienced. I had an awesome experience working with April. April’s command of her strengths really substantiates the work you do with her. She always brings a ray of sunshine to all that she does. April is excellent and has the ability to help you elevate programs and people to their next level of achievement.

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