Anita Adams

Deputy Advisor Labor Equity
City of Seattle Finance and Administrative Services
28 years of experience working with the City of Seattle

In working with April, I was immediately struck by her presence of mind, quick mental agility and thoroughness, but most importantly, I learned how empathetic, creative, and inspiring she is for the under-represented.  She is extremely creative, organized; goal oriented and has the resolve to make great things happen. April captured in a short time, what I spent my then 22 year career trying to teach; leadership and hope beyond what is obvious; hope in a brighter future for us all.

April turned a bankrupt program at Garfield Community Center in Seattle, WA, serving majority low income, families of color, into a thriving social service and revenue generating business.

She partnered with the community at large, other not for profit organizations, managed a large team of staff and volunteers; while working with me on compliance issues in City and State Government Programs.

The community center greatly benefited from April’s ability to rally people, fundraise and advocate for participants.  Under April’s leadership, the program was selected from among the top 5 of; 2,500 Licensed Childcare programs for a- High Quality in Childcare QIP Grant.  The program continues to serve as a Department wide model and exemplifies what is possible for before/afterschool programs and break camps. April exemplifies the resilience, analytical skill, vision and leadership that will move organizations and society forward into the future with diversity in ideas and perspective.

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