Note From Our Founder

Hi I’m April!

AprilMainPicI have the honor and privilege of pouring into people – very often, young people to help them to see the greatness within and become their best selves. I do this through motivational speaking, facilitated workshops, camps, conferences and mentoring all focused on developing a positive sense of self and community within young people, so they can grow up to be empowered adults who live not only a productive life, but a fulfilling one.

It all started over a decade ago, when I began working with K-5th graders as a Childcare Program Director at a local community center shortly before graduating from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and minor in Geography. Although, I was hired to lead before/after school and break camp programming, I saw the dire need to go beyond traditional learning and activities and really push these young minds to discover who they were, embrace their passions, dream and work diligently towards what they desired to become.

My community center went from an enrollment of less than ten families (and being on the verge of the program being cut due to low enrollment) to being full to capacity with over a hundred families enrolled, plus a waitlist, all within six months of me working at the center. My program became a model throughout Parks and Recreation and I was frequently asked to share proven practices and train others. While serving as the Director, I was recruited to begin coaching Childcare Directors across the city to help increase the effectiveness, academic gains and impact of their program.

From there, I was recruited to work at my former high school as the College Preparatory Advisor and support hundreds of low-income students who were the first in their family to go to college – just as I was. I could completely relate to the students I served.  Many of which had no idea about their future or how to achieve the life they wanted. While working within the educational system, I felt an overwhelming tug within guiding me to impact more lives and do so on a deeper level. This motivated me to pursue my Masters of Science in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University. Through working at Northwestern in multicultural student affairs then being recruited as an Education Pioneer Fellow to work with the largest charter school network in North Texas and engaging with thousands of K-16 students, and coaching the college counseling team across five high schools, the need for me to step outside of the traditional educational sphere and leverage my expertise to truly reach young people and help them holistically develop became undeniably evident.

This is how Bold Believers United started.

Everything is centered on reaching one’s full potential. I have been on the journey of finding and pursuing my purpose, on purpose for a number of years. Let me tell you, it is such a fulfilling place to be! There is nothing that brings me more joy than helping others to do the same!

I have been honored to work with thousands of amazing, bright young people in discovering and believing in themselves, determining their own unique pathway and work hard towards achieving their dreams and purpose. Additionally, I have worked to train and coach educators to reignite their own dreams and strategically work with young people in a way that produces individual ownership of learning, increased motivation and improved educational outcomes.

When I am not busy empowering young people, leading events, coaching or consulting, I am either traveling wherever I can around the world, snapping pictures of nature and people or taking a class to continue my learning. A few more fun facts about me are:

  • I am an extreme extrovert and am quickly energized by my eternal environment.
  • I absolutely love water – being in or near it rejuvenates my entire being.
  • As of December 2016, I will officially be a licensed minister! I am extremely humbled to have been chosen by God to impact lives in a variety of ways.
  • I RARELY watch TV but live entertainment captivates me, especially live music, spoken word or a great play (I prefer musicals).
  • I surround myself with positive words as much as possible. I have positive affirmation notes throughout my home to remind me of the beauty of life, grace and all that is to come. It really works – you should try it!