2019 C4 Conference

C4 will be 3 WEEKS this year!
Get ready for an even deeper experience!

Christian, Character, College, & Career

Join us as we empower the next generation to #BeBold across every area of their lives!!

 Participants will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools that will:

  • STRENGTHEN THEIR CONNECTION with God, Self and Others which will help them suceed in college and life!
  • Boost their self confidence, esteem and awareness of their gifts, strengths and abilities
  • Sharpen their social skills in building meaningful, healthy and long-lasting relationships with others including peers, adults, mentors, college professors and co-workers/managers
  • Prepare them for the college application process and how to successfully navigate college as a student
  • Empower them to grow in God through deepening their understanding of who He is, the power of prayer and how to apply Bible principles to everyday life
  • Expose them to a variety of careers across industries from professionals they can relate to
  • Encourage them to be BOLD in who they are through displayng their gifts and learning during the closing Bold Showcase


2016 & 2017 C4 Camps