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Bold Believers United is one of the nation’s leading youth empowerment organizations. We are experts at empowering students to actualize their vision and maximize their purpose through transformational programming, dynamic motivational speaking and development of the adults who directly impact the lives of young people. We work with individuals, schools and organizations to meet their unique needs in order to effectively develop and execute self-identified short-term and long-term goals. Bold Believers United offers a range of curricular modules as well as customized materials that are designed to propel middle, high and college-aged students toward becoming their best selves.

Bold Believers United’s programming and training helps yield positive academic outcomes for youth by experientially exposing them to various introspective, research-based and project-based activities. These activities are designed to increase self-efficacy, motivation, critical thinking skills, goal setting, decision-making, and interpersonal skills. Bold Believers United’s programming helps to lessen the opportunity gap that exists while proactively helping young people understand the importance of personal social-emotional development; and their leading role in the success of their own life, their community and the world.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Empowering people to reach their full potential is at the core of everything that April Bowman does. She has been on the journey of finding and pursuing purpose, on purpose for a number of years. There is nothing that brings her more joy than helping others to do the same!

Similar to the students that Bold Believers United primarily serves, April came from a low-income household and was the first person in her family to graduate from college. She attained a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University in Learning and Organizational Change and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Washington in Sociology and Geography. April has worked within the field of education for over twelve years and has impacted the lives of over 19,500 young people across the country, particularly those educated in large K-12 school districts that serve low-income, first generation college students.


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Bold Believers United provides clients with customized services in order to meet their individual needs and optimize impact. Our services include:

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Bold Believers United offers customized programming based on the specific goals that our clients desire to achieve. Some of the most popular program topics include:


Identifying and reigniting the passion and gifts within, which are often suppressed.


Uncovering one’s belief system, how they see themselves, others and determining the life they desire most.


Analyze models of success and identify a specific action plan of how to actualize personal goals.


Connect significance of secondary and post-secondary education to career opportunities. 


Empowering young people to overcome life’s challenges, discovering who they are and learning how to freely live out their dreams.


Identifying character strengths and analyzing how to leverage them in order to become the best version of self while establishing a legacy.


Bold Believers United

2825 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite #0374

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  • Lamisa Mustafa

    12th Grade Student – President of the Human Rights Forum / Junior World Affairs Council and French Honor Society
    Newman Smith High School

    April Bowman is the rare type of presenter that actually makes people comfortable to speak out loud and engaged in her presentation. She made it so easy for us to voice “mhmm” or “yes” or “hahaha”, as she was very inviting towards our opinions and thoughts.

    As first or second generation college graduates that come from low-income families, many of us as students could deeply relate to April. We have all felt that our circumstances limit our opportunities. But April drove home the idea that we can do what we believe we can do. She has persevered and her drive inspired us to reach our full potential. Her personal anecdotes made us feel an even deeper connection with her. I know that April’s words will stick with us for good because after the event was over, so many of the attendees told me “We loved the speaker! She was phenomenal.”

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  • Amy Miller

    International Education Program Director
    World Affairs Council
    2 years of experience working with education

    I worked with April by bringing her out to speak at a YMCA Youth Summit as keynote speaker to talk about different career paths and college readiness. I was so impressed by her and the presentation that she gave, that I asked her to come out to speak many times over the past year and a half to different schools around the community and others events as a keynote speaker. April shares a powerful message on how to:

    • Prepare for college
    • Find your passion
    • Be successful in your career after college
    • Find what you are meant to do in life

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  • Alonzo Smith III

    Teacher & Coach
    Young Women’s STEAM Academy at Balch Springs
    21 years of experience working in education

    April worked with our school to develop the empowerment camp which focused on building a positive culture and relationships among the young women of our school as we newly transitioned from being co-ed to an all girls school. In addition to designing the camp, April trained teachers on the curriculum and activities that she created for our all girls academy. It was a WONDERFUL experience! Very easy to retain the information and the results had a tremendously positive affect on the girls. Throughout the camp, the girls were attentive, excited, and very responsive to the different exercises that April created. As a teacher, I was confident in the information she trained me on. It really helped the girls with building sisterhood amongst themselves.

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  • Sonya Barron

    Academic Interventionist (previously Alumni Counselor)
    Uplift North Hills Preparatory
    15 years of experience working in education

    April’s influence is very practical. During our one-on-one coaching sessions, she was always a good thought partner and offered me valid applicable suggestions to any challenges I was facing. We would even create documents, surveys, and write drafts of communication together. Also, she helped me develop a plan to involve our teachers in a fun way. April always took time to encourage me as well and tell me specifically what I was doing well. April inspired me to do my very best work for the sake of my scholars and alumni. Her standards for herself and us were extremely high. She knew our work was life changing, and she inspired me to see that as well and do my best work for them.

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  • Anita Adams

    Deputy Advisor Labor Equity
    City of Seattle Finance and Administrative Services
    28 years of experience working with the City of Seattle

    In working with April, I was immediately struck by her presence of mind, quick mental agility and thoroughness, but most importantly, I learned how empathetic, creative, and inspiring she is for the under-represented. She is extremely creative, organized; goal oriented and has the resolve to make great things happen. April captured in a short time, what I spent my then 22 year career trying to teach; leadership and hope beyond what is obvious; hope in a brighter future for us all.

    April turned a bankrupt program at Garfield Community Center in Seattle, WA, serving majority low income, families of color, into a thriving social service and revenue generating business.

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  • LaChelle Cunningham

    Dean of College Prep and Alumni Counselor
    Uplift Hampton Preparatory
    23 years of experience working in education

    Every training that April has facilitated yielded positive results because she is always prepared and there’s an end goal to the training that is evident from the beginning to the end. She is very meticulous and thoughtful about how she coordinates a training as well as the facilitation of it. I always appreciated her preparedness! April has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable and capable of the work they engage in together. It’s evident that she loves what she does and that she is experienced. I had an awesome experience working with April. April’s command of her strengths really substantiates the work you do with her. She always brings a ray of sunshine to all that she does. April is excellent and has the ability to help you elevate programs and people to their next level of achievement.

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